Obstacle Courses

  • Shockwave Obstacle Course

    CAUTION! - Electrical Hazard. This obstacle course is SHOCKINGLY amazing! Race through the Power Plant obstacles and try to make it out safely without getting zapped!

    Dimensions: 35'L x 26'W x 15'H
    Power Requirements: 3-110 volt/20 amp Circuitspreview

  • Xtreme fun run 5

    Our new 2-person obstacle course features exciting obstacles, a 180 degree turn around, and a rock climb and slide that brings participants to the finish line, located next to the start.

    Dimensions: 51'L x 22'W x 14'H
    Power Requirements: 2-110 volt/20 amp circuit

  • I Xtreme Obstacle Course

    I Xtreme is a great way to challenge friends or classmates to an Xtreme race.

    Dimensions: 29'L x 16'W x 15'H

    Power Requirements: 1 - 110 volt/20 Amp Circuitpreview

  • Kapow

    KAPOW is a multi-player game where participants race against each other through a circular inflatable obstacle course. KAPOWs unique elements is the two rotating boom arms. One arm spins in a clockwise direction designed to come into contact with the player at knee/thigh level, while the second arm is spinning counter clockwise.  Each player will have their own lane,  How its played Two participants set off at the same time. They will then run through set lanes that have inflatable obstacles in them. Requires 30'x30' area

    Power requirements. 2 110volt/20 Amp Circuits

  • Robo Rampage

    Towering 20' tall, this fully digitally-printed inflatable robot is rampaging through New York! Competitors must face challenging obstacles, includes climbing, crawling, squeezing, and sliding. This inflatable is THE must-have for your next event.

    Dimensions: 27'L x 21'W x 20'H                                      Power Requirements: 3- 110 volt/20 Amp Circuits

  • Adrenaline Rush Obstacal Course

    Make your way through the squeeze tubes, into the tunnel, climb the vertical wall and down the slide. This is a high speed race when you and an opponent challenge each other to an 80' sprint to the finish line.

    Dimensions: 27'L x 40'W x17'H
    Power Requirements: 3-110 volt/20 amp circuits

  • Run of Fire Obstacle Course

    Dive into this vividly colored obstacle course, and make your way through this 3 alarmer. Race against a friend for a hot time.

    Dimensions: 60'L x 14'W x17'H
    Power Requirements: 2-110 volt/20 amp circuit

  • Run of Fire Obstacle Course

    This monster is 97 FEET LONG and is guaranteed to make you huff and puff by the end of it. The course offers a series of obstacles that are designed to challenge even the most fit individuals. From running and climbing to jumping and sliding, participants will get it all on this course.

    Dimensions: 95'L x 11'W x16'H
    Power Requirements: 3-110 volt/20 amp circuit

  • Black Ops

    Are you ready to take on the mission? Battle your opponent to victory as you make your way through the bricked wall entrance, down the path of stone pillars and crawl through the passageways. The journey doesnt end here, as you reach the rock climb wall leading to the pivot bridge, then down the slide to the finish line!

    Dimensions: 36'L x 26'W x18'H
    Power Requirements: 3- 110 volt/20 amp circuits

  • Challenge your opponent to the ultimate Boot Camp! What tactics will you use when you jump through your first hole and squeeze through the inflated pillars only to face-off with the hedgehogs? You'll need upper body strength to grab the rope and swing to the other side!! As you go through the vertical pillars, watch out for Laser Beams! Tired yet? You still must face another obstacle before climbing your way to the top and sliding 20' to victory!

    Dimensions: 85'L x 12'W x16'H                              Power Requirements: 3 - 110 volt/20 amp circuits

  • Backyard Obstacle Course

    This obstacle course is just the right size for a backyard party, yet gives kids the same obstacles and challenges as our larger obstacle courses.

    Dimensions: 30'L x 11'W x 12'H
    Power Requirements: 1-110 volt/20 amp circuit

  • Iron Man

    Dare to take the challenge and work your way through this tough course. Will you be beaten by your opponent or will you prevail as the Iron Man?

    Dimensions: 45L x 30W x 20H
    Power Requirements: 3-110 volt/20 amp circuits